Our cheeses are made using only raw cow milk and following the most natural processing techniques. The result are wholesome cheeses that are reminiscent of hay and the aromatic herbs growing on the Karst plateau.
For the past 18 years we have been fully committed to what we do and dedicated to meeting the needs of our loyal customers, who truly appreciate the many varieties of cheese we offer.

The Jamar cheese is the true symbol of our creativity and dedication. This cheese is the result of a long and complex production process. This complexity is undoubtedly reflected in its unmatched flavours.
A unique ripening process is what makes this cheese one-of-a-kind. Maturation takes place for the most part in a 70-metre deep Karstic cave located in the vicinity of our company’s premises… Find out more

Tabor cheese is made from raw whole milk to which we add our home-produced milk, just like we do with all of our cheeses. It is then semi-cooked and pressed.
Our cattle’s healthy diet gives this cheese an intense, fragrant and delicate flavour. while its texture is semi-elastic and mellow. MORE INFO

We also produce a soft cheese called caciotta, which comes in two varieties: plain or flavoured with seasonal herbs (wild-fennel flowers, savory, juniper or walnuts, depending on the season).
Caciotta can be eaten fresh or it can be ripened.

Pepper-flavoured Mlet cheese is made from three varieties of Tabor cheese.. It is prepared by crushing the cheese mass and seasoning it with pepper. The cheese is then hand-pressed and left to rest for a couple of weeks before undergoing a short ripening process.

Due to its strong flavour, we recommend you try this cheese last. It goes really well with honey, jam or Italian mostarda (candied fruit in a mustard-flavoured syrup). ). It is also excellent with polenta or pasta cacio e pepe (pasta with cacio cheese and ground pepper).

No production cycle would be complete if we didn’t make our fresh ricotta. Ricotta is made from whey, which gives it a very delicate flavour. Ricotta can be served plain or with walnuts and honey.

In the Trieste area it is often used as an ingredient in both savoury dishes and traditional desserts. Upon request we also sell smoked ricotta.